An Orange Changed My Life!

This may sound crazy but eating an orange changed my life.
I love oranges.  I love their natural, juicy sweetness, their mega dose of vitamin c, their color, texture, basically their everything.  I love the outcome of how I feel when ingesting this glorious orange fruit.  I am happy, satisfied, and full of nutrition-an energy rich outcome that’s worth repeating.

And here’s what I noticed. I had MAJOR resistance to peeling an orange. They are SO MESSY! The juice goes everywhere, the pulp is sticky, and very often have to do a wash down just to enjoy this fruit.

And then I saw the metaphor that went right along with it that I have to share…

Where in life do you not get the energy states and outcomes you desire because you are not willing to get your hands dirty? Or get uncomfortable? Or to go through the transform that’s necessary to get the outcome you want? You want the sweet taste of success and victory, right? Where are you resistant to peeling the orange?

I love the expression “When there’s a will, there’s a way”, and most of you know Network Care is an incredible tool to build that resourcefulness for ANY outcome you can dream up.

Bring your biggest oranges to the table on your next visit and let’s get to work. I’m ready! Are you?

Dr. Liz