Are You Conditioning Life?

Here is a juicy concept I would like you to think about:

EVERYTHING only exists at certain thresholds of energy. EVERYTHING!!! (Your fear, your tiredness, your lack of success, your symptom, your diagnosis or disease, your lack of love/community, a passionless life or relationship…you get the idea!).


Think about something where you blamed the circumstance for an energy neutral or poor experience. Let’s look at it from the lens of Awaken Discover (meaning total acceptance of what is/happened with a curiosity to learn about yourself and patterns).

Can you accept that you have been upset because you didn’t have enough energy to match the experience at the time? And the story you tell/told keeps you at a certain level of energy?

What if you could choose a different energy state or version of yourself to go through the experience again? What emotional states would  be different? Would they be more powerful, loving, excited, or ? What would you DO differently?

The reality is all of us are made up of our patterns, good and bad. If the pattern is bound in Discover, you will see it again and again until you have enough energy to resolve it.

Remember, when life or your circumstance condition you, you may become sick, depressed, anxious, or worse. When you condition life, life is VICTORIOUS!

Dr. Liz