network care

Pain is your body’s way of saying, “Excuse me…we have a problem.”

Network Care looks at the relationship between the physical, emotional and/or mental symptoms you may be experiencing and the way you are living your life. Pain is the mechanism by which your body tells you to stop, take inventory, and identify what needs to change.

Network Care gives you the ability to self-assess your pain, and develops strategies to correct the problems. Under our care you will start to recognize areas where you’ve limited yourself, and begin feeling empowered to shift your experience of life in a positive way.


Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

This involves soft, precise touches by a Network practitioner to specific points along the spine. These contacts cue the brain to self-assess and correct distortions in the body while unwinding muscular tension. NSA is proven effective for working out the kinks – not only the ones in your body, but also the ones in your life. It helps you identify where you’re stuck and, in the process, helps you develop resourcefulness in your body. Through this care, your body will become a reliable place to which you can return, again and again, to overcome what’s keeping you from moving forward in your life.

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

This element of Network Care consists of breath and positioning exercises that link enhanced somatic (body) awareness with respiration. In general, they help locate places of ease within the body and connect them to areas where you unconsciously hold stress. This helps dissipate energy stored as tension and fuels the body’s healing process.

Under Network Care, you will become more aware of your body’s structure and vibration, and develop the wisdom and skills to move energy through it. When you reconnect to yourself in this way, the body begins to correct itself, releasing old patterns of stress while strengthening your internal resources for healing and growth. The result is an expanding sense of wholeness that connects embodied emotion, intelligence, and spirit.

It all adds up

The goal of Network Care is to develop the body’s ability to heal itself faster and more effectively. Connecting places of ease within the body to problem areas removes much of the interference from the nervous system. This allows the brain and body to better communicate, reorganize, and heal.

As your perception of the world becomes congruent with your experiences, life becomes easier and more rewarding. In other words, Network Care allows your true self to come forth. It allows you to shine.

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