Are You Answering “The Calling?”

Today I’m going to to share about one of my favorite things-the

“calling” of soul. Some of you may be curious as to what this is,

others may know but haven’t answered lately due to a lack of energy or awareness it was happening.
The calling is a high level energy state that occurs when we are aware of the signals from the field for giving of soul gifts and alignment of soul purpose. It is information coming from soul intelligence that forms as thought energy–an idea out of nowhere that lights you up, a knowing that you must act on something (a communication, taking a stand, acting on a leap of faith, a hunch about a person you need to know, etc). And often, it  makes NO LOGICAL SENSE, just a “You must!” Or “Go! Now!”  And when we answer the calling, there is an abundance of high level Energy poured into the field. And with this high level energy, the field can orchestrate on your behalf. Outcomes present themselves effortlessly, support shows up where you need it, and you yourself have plenty of energy to orchestrate the answering of the calling. THE FIELD LOVES SOUL!

So please take a minute and ask yourself a Discover question. How do I  mute the energy of Soul Intelligence?” Do you get the knowing and feel the excitement and then get too afraid to act? Were you not aware it was happening? Have you not conditioned yourself to trust in the energy?

And now a Transform question. How often am I experiencing this energy? How often would I like to experience it? And what do I need to do differently to bridge the gap? Faster behavior response? More internal/external perception of the vision or outcome? Or an energizing of current or new structures?

Network Care is one of the most powerful tools to stay connected and resourced to answer the calling.  Are you ready?

All of my love,

Dr. Liz