What Happens in Vagus Stays in Vagus

I recently was reading an article about how the body has physiological reaction(s) to trauma it has experienced.  (And trauma doesn’t have to mean violence or injury, it can be the overwhelmed perception of life: our obligations, withholding to the commitments we have made to others, or our lives.)  It all interprets as the same thing to our bodies-stress!  The same cascade of physiological responses occurs each and every time, with varying degrees.

The article highlighted the difficulty a person may have with “mindfulness” practices because of the stored trauma in our organs and tissues. And went on to explain about BECAUSE we have physical sensation with our relationship to that stressor, we will do everything to move away from it, or to avoid feeling that sensation at all cost.This is is what we do in Discover.  We move away from the fear, hurt, pain, overwhelm, etc because we don’t have enough safety/peace in our bodies to interpret and integrate the information effectively.

But here’s the great news!  The foundation of Network Care is all about restoring healthy function back into your nervous system.  And one of the powerhouse nerves is the vagus nerve-your body’s direct access to peace and tranquility.  It innervates the heart, diaphragm, stomach, and many of the associated organs(see image).  It is SO important to have this powerhouse at it’s fullest function.  The loss of this nerve causes miscommunication on all levels.  Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, we will experience a breakdown if it is not functioning in all of it’s innate glory.  Amongst other very important functions, it controls your “gut reaction” and “gut instinct”.  It’s a very important nerve!

Here’s a link to the full article: https://healingfromthefreeze.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/the-vagus-nerve-and-the-difficulty-with-mindfulness/